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07/20/2023 Audio Tape Transfer

Received my order yesterday. After updating my computer this morning, I was able to hear the audio of my sister Teresa Lynn Marsh and grandmother Evelyn M Byars talking, singing. I was So overwhelmed with tears and happiness in hearing the audios. Both are deceased and the recording MEANT everything to me, my siblings and of course my sister Teresa's children (Neil Kurtz/Marty Marsh). Thank you, thank you ?? Cynthia Sepulveda

- Cynthia Sepulveda from Hollywood, SC

06/24/2023 Home Movie Transfer

We were able to log in and view our movies. Outstanding - the quality is much better than the original films! We also liked the into & conclusion! This will preserve our family history dating back to the 1930s. Very much appreciated!

- Fred Roth from Salt Lake City

04/02/2023 Home Movie Transfer

Super easy, super affordable, and super high quality service. I had four different types of old home videos that I wanted converted to DVD for my mom's birthday so I called and asked if I could get them all done in one order. Robert was incredibly kind and accommodating, answered all of my questions and assured me that this was a great choice to get them done. Once the DVDs were finished he called me to let me know that they had shipped which was great customer service to get a personal update for that. Overall a great service and a great experience. Would highly recommend! Thank you!

- Shannon Redding from Reno

11/21/2022 Video to DVD

My husband and I just completed looking through our DVDs. We are very satisfied with the work and would definitely recommend Home Video Studio. They were timely and the mailing process went very well. We put complete trust in them as we sent out years of our precious family videos to them. They did a wonderful job!

- Cindy Turner from Indianapolis

11/12/2022 Home Movie Transfer

I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The footage was so easy to watch online instead of on our old film projector that we have to manually feed. Our old footage was many times too dark or underexposed. They were able to enhance the footage so well, that we saw treasured memories for the first time. The colorization was amazing. They delivered quickly and helped with my questions by phone. I highly recommend Home Video Studio for your transfer needs.

- Rose Wood from Dallas

11/12/2022 Audio Tape Transfer

I had several family cassette tapes which I could no longer play. Sent to Home Video Studio and the quality of work was excellent but, pricey.

- Nadean Martin from Harrison

11/10/2022 Video Services

I had three VCR video's put-on flash drives. They did an excellent job. I am so happy with their expertise. I recommend them to all that want excellent work done. They are the best in the business. Sincerely, Mrs. Annette Sullivan

- Annette Sullivan from LAS VEGAS

02/23/2022 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Storage did an amazing job. From the first phone call to ask a few questions to delivery of the final product. They made everything so easy and their work was pristine and fast. I was very happy to use their services and will be doing more business with them soon.

- Peter Capasso from Staten Island

02/17/2022 Audio Tape Transfer

I'm so grateful that Home Video Studio was able to transfer my childhood cassette tapes to a CD and the cloud. I was so nervous that they wouldn't even be able to play my tapes because they were so old, but they were able to do so. I'm very happy overall with the whole process. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to savor memories!

- Andrea Ongaro from Lisle

02/15/2022 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with the service I received from Home Video Studio. It was fast, friendly and at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend them.

- Tim Cannon from Myrtle Beach

02/13/2022 Home Movie Transfer

Love my videos on our DVA account. Thank you, Robert. Everything is perfect. Irene

- Irene Kovacs from INDIANAPOLIS

02/12/2022 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Thank you for getting me the video so fast and the quality is excellent.

- Peter Capasso from Staten Island, NY

02/10/2022 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio was easy to work with. The were understanding with what I wanted and gave me the best option to get it. They were fast and I an very happy with the quality of the finished product. I would have Home Video Studio do another project for me when I need them.

- Brian Lipke from Durand, WI

02/08/2022 Home Movie Transfer

The folks at Home Video Studio Film Transfer - Tony and Lori Melendez - made this a wonderful experience. I spoke with Lori shortly after my precious home movies arrived (16mm and Super 8mm) and she assured me that they had received the films and had already inspected and cleaned them. My complete package of dvd and digital file, along with the well-packed original film, arrived in less than 2 weeks. It looked terrific - in fact better than any other copies I had ever seen! Thanks a bunch for your great and friendly service and for your excellent work! Howard

- Howard L. from Medford, OR

01/28/2022 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Home Video Studio got my home videos onto the Digital Video Archive quickly through the holiday season. I was impressed with how fast I received my login to enjoy all of our home videos. The DVA is incredible. My whole family has access to all of our memories growing up. Easy, quick, efficient, and responsive. So glad I chose them!

- Abby Livingston from Tuscaloosa

01/21/2022 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Very happy with the service I was provided would recommend!!

- Ron Davis from Burlington

12/27/2021 Audio Tape Transfer

I had several old audio tapes transferred to cd format. We were concerned about sending the tapes by mail, but everything worked out very well. The quality of the work is great and exceptional customer service. I highly recommend this company!

- Mauricio Parra from Champaign Illinois

12/22/2021 Home Movie Transfer

I had my husbands high school football home movie reels transferred to video. They were from the early to mid 1980s and I was really worried about the the quality of the video after having talked with several people/companies. They turned out GREAT! Everyone was very helpful with all of my questions (many phone calls - reels are irreplaceable). I would recommend to anyone wanted home movies transferred.

- Kelly Flowers from Brantley

12/07/2021 Home Movie Transfer

I read many testimonials on Robert's Home Video Studio website about the great quality of work on 8mm and other videos but I had a very rare project. A 55 year old 1/2" wide pancake audio, analog reel tape to be transferred digitally to a CD and USB stick. I was greatly impressed meeting and discussing my project with Robert and left my fragile pancake reel tape with Robert. I received the CD and USB stick in a very timely manner with unbelievable and amazing sound quality. The icing on the cake was being able to share these recordings on Digital Video Archive.

- Elmer Littlefield from Palatine, Illinois

10/24/2021 Home Movie Transfer

I live around the corner from Robert and the DVA Studio. I had first heard about this service on Next Door. I have over 75 small Camcorder and full size tapes that are approaching 40 years old. I made an in person visit and was most impressed by Robert and the services he offers. He took the extra time to explain his business and show me part of his studio. I am considering starting my own business under the watchful eye of Robert. Bottom line, if you have recordings that you care about and want to preserve, don't hesitate, get your tapes to a DVA studio immediately. You will be glad you did.

- Greg Thomas from Indianapolis

09/05/2021 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I had very old 8mm videos that I had converted to VHS a long time ago and now needed to share the videos with family - in a hurry. Home Video Studio came through with the finished product exactly on time as they promised (two day turnaround) and they have been generally very personable and helpful to work with. I highly recommend Home Video Studio.

- Donna Zee from Atlanta

09/04/2021 Video Services

I entrusted Robert and his studio to provide a very special video presentation for a Celebration of Life for my Mother. I was overjoyed by what he was able to put together . It was beautiful to watch and I could tell it was crafted with care. Thank you for being part of a healing tribute. Wayde

- Wayde Turney-Bozell from Carmel

07/27/2021 Home Movie Transfer

I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the DVDs and the originals. It took a little longer than first thought, but I wanted you to know that they look fantastic. Well worth the wait. And the feature of being able to see them online is a great feature. I’m very impressed, and if anyone wants to know….YES you guys are awesome. Top notch work. And the bonus is – I’m now able to share the movies with my mom who doesn’t have much time left, so that she can remember some great times. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Robert Sisemore from Sacramento, CA

04/27/2021 Photo Videos

I had multiple 3.5 diskettes and Home Video was able to transfer all my pictures to a format that the whole family can use.

- Tim Cremeans from Fort Wayne

04/16/2021 Home Movie Transfer

We were so pleased with the way Home Video Studios took our old home movies and wove them into a story of our family in the 50’s. I had warned my husband that there was no sound so we were pleasantly surprised at the music soundtrack that fit the mood of what was happening in the picture! Great job! Many thanks to HVS, Phyllis Metts

- Phyllis Metts from Walterboro

03/25/2021 Audio Tape Transfer

Thank you so much, the sound on cds fantastic everything arrived great shape, will pass the good word on about your service your company. Thank you again. Sincerely Mary Ann

- Mary Ann Spilker from Kidder, MO

03/25/2021 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Robert. You do great work and we were very happy with the last job. Here are more videos to be converted to DVD and DVA.

- Maureen & Dana Potter from Westlake Village, CA

03/10/2021 Video to DVD

What luck to find Home Video Studio in an online search. They took a video near and dear to me (but rather poorly produced) and returned a DVD for me to enjoy. Thanks HVS! I recommend this company without reservation.

- Cathie Scavo from Calabash

02/27/2021 Home Movie Transfer

I waited form so many years to get my 30 plus year old cassettes Digitalized, and it was the BEST THING I ever did! Home Video Studio was very clear, concise and patient in explaining everything to me. I was afraid through the years to watch the tapes as I knew there was a great chance they'd be "eaten" by the machine. Robert was very, helpful, got my Videos all archived and completed per the date he projected he'd have them done, and asked me if I wanted them earlier, as he would do his best to get them done in a timely manner. VERY, VERY DEPENDABLE STUDIO. I have a lifetime of memories!

- Dennis D. Klak from Berlin

02/11/2021 Home Movie Transfer

My brothers and I love the DVD and Digital Video Archive. Robert and team did an amazing job. We had 12 8mm film reels converted. We could not be happier. We actually found a second box of reels and can’t wait to have Robert convert those. Thank you for your awesome job!

- Shelley Chambers from Charlotte

01/26/2021 Home Movie Transfer

On behalf of myself and my siblings, we could not be happier with the quality results Robert and crew provided to us with the transfer of nearly 60 spools of family Super 8 video from the '70's. I truly had reservations about shipping out our family treasures but all fears were allayed when I viewed the video archive and then later received my DVD's, and then the return of my original spools. They took the virtually unusable film, improved it, and then provided us with our memories in a format that we can enjoy for years to come and pass on to our children and grandchildren. Well done!

- Rick Campbell from Beckley, WV

01/25/2021 Video to DVD

This company is very reliable, professional and quick to send back your original and new dvds! Highly recommended!

- Eva Allen from Newburgh

01/17/2021 Home Movie Transfer

I have used several transfer services and none were as quick and as easy. I was surprised at the quality of these 50 plus year old films. I once used the company that advertises all over the radio (starts with L) and thought the lack of quality was in my film. I plan to resend those here since I know they will come out so much better.

- Jennifer Klein from East Hanover, NJ

01/07/2021 Home Movie Transfer

Good professional work and personable and helpful and getting exactly what we were wanting to have done! 100% recommendation to anybody who needs any type of video expertise!

- Douglas Thompson from Monticello

01/05/2021 Audio Tape Transfer

Robert, I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the quality of my audio cassette transfer. Thanks!

- Dennis Lang from Louisville, CA

01/03/2021 Home Movie Transfer

Fantastic Service! Rob and team took our 33-year-old wedding and reception video and turned it around in 2 days on DVA, just in time for Christmas! Thanks. We'll use Home Video Studios again!

- Joe Schmieder from ADA

12/24/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Dear Robert, It must be ESP, I was just thinking of you. We received the CDs that you transferred from audio tapes. My husband was in Viet Nam 18 months & would send these audio tapes back & forth to his family. One was just my husband & other two were his Mom & Dad, brother & sister. It gave us chills hearing their voices. They sounded just as we remembered them (3 of the 4 have passed). Both of his brothers really enjoyed & it means a lot to have them. His one brother says we owe him a box of Kleenex. Thank you again for this special treasure. Rayna Lee & Bruce from Spokane, WA

- Rayna Lee & Bruce Walker from Spokane

11/07/2020 Video Services

Robert Hanley has been excellent to work with ! First we sent about 3,000 photos from my parent's photo albums, some of these were very fragile and dated from before the 1920's. The flash drives and DVD have helped many family members enjoy these photos and relive happy memories. Robert then helped us by transferring our old super 8 home videos. We have just viewed and thoroughly enjoyed the home video DVD's which are perfect ! The costs, customer service and Robert's recommendations have been wonderful. We highly recommend Home Video Studio !

- Joanne and Tom Carey from Westfield

11/02/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Mom had to move into assisted living and never got the chance to have all the home movies transferred from 8mm film to more durable media. Home Video Studio was able to take a variety of our media and transfer to cloud storage so we were able to share content with the family. We were even able to share old videos with mom who doesn't even have a computer! She was overjoyed that all the content was saved. All of us here thank Home Video Studio for their help. We're gathering more content to transfer.

- Rafael Saladar from RACINE

11/02/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Great Job-- Huge project over 100 videos…All Transferred to digital!

- gordon stevenson from dallas

10/28/2020 Home Movie Transfer

The films were great. You did a great job. I was very impressed. I am going to use you again.

- Jennifer Klein from East Hanover, NJ

10/03/2020 Home Movie Transfer

I can't thank you enough for bringing these memories from years ago back to life. My girls are going to be so happy this Christmas. Thank you so much.

- Gloria Banes from Gardendale, AL

10/01/2020 DVA - Digital Video Archive

We loved what you did for us with our videos transferred to DVD and Digital Video Archive. Thanks so much! Sending you another tape for transfer.

- Megan & Kyle Chapman from Wichita, Kansas

09/22/2020 Home Movie Transfer

This is fantastic!!!! Thank you so much!

- Esther Driggs from Evansville, IN

09/21/2020 DVA - Digital Video Archive

The video’s turned out great and we are enjoying watching them again after 20 years.

- Tim Luger from Baraboo, WI

08/16/2020 Home Movie Transfer

I enjoyed the CD it came out clear and We enjoyed the music he put in it made the CD more personal I do have a few more reels and will send them to home video studios they really showed they care about your films Thanks

- Mike Parrish from Ft Wayne In

08/14/2020 Video Services

Such a wonderful service with wonderful people! I had many VHS-Cs converted to DVDs, and they were so efficient. I will absolutely use their services again and I highly recommend them for any video needs!

- Katherine Dixon from Tallahassee

08/02/2020 Photo Videos

We are extremely impressed with the quality and the fine work you did with our 2900 photos. Thank you very much!

- Joanne and Tom Carey from Westfield, NJ

07/11/2020 35mm slide transfer

I have used Home Video Studio to convert 35 mm sides to digital twice. The slides were from the severity's and had never been cleaned for that long. They did an excellent job of cleaning and converting them to a digital disc. I appreciate their conversion service and their friendly attitude. Thank You Robert.

- John Childers from Indianapolis

07/09/2020 DVA - Digital Video Archive

It's priceless to have our old reels and VHS tapes preserved for future generations. It's a good investment!

- Susan Dhaenens from Sherwood, OH

06/29/2020 DVA - Digital Video Archive

The videos came out great. Thank you.

- Jose Lopez from Texas City

06/20/2020 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Robert, I have been enjoying the videos that you posted for me – great job and thank you.

- Scott Baker from Lexington, KY

06/18/2020 Video to DVD

I received all the DVDS. Thank you and all of your staff. They have done an excellent job! This brought back many, many pleasant memories. The DVDs are perfect. Thank you.

- Lawrence Deitz from Harrisburg, PA

06/15/2020 Audio Tape Transfer

The CD you made for me sounds great. I have been toting the CD player all around the central part of independent living section of StoryPoint playing music for residents and staff. They, too, are very pleased with the sound. Thanks a million, Robert!

- Barbara Hill from Fort Wayne, Indiana

04/22/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Robert and his team at Home Video Studio have been a pleasure to work with. They have made digitizing our family home movies easy and painless. And they have been flexible and accommodating in the timing of their work.

- Phil Taylor from Indianapolis

04/20/2020 Home Movie Transfer

I had about 40 8mm movies transfered to Digital Video Archive cloud. I had no way of knowing chronological order they belonged as most weren't marked. Home Video Studio took them and did a wonderful job of not only transferring them, but putting them in order. My family and I are very satisfied and appreciate the hard work.

- Jared Herdey from Plainfield

02/13/2020 Video to DVD

I just received my DVD's. The look so professional !! Thank you so much !! I look forward to watching them with my family Blessings to your day, Amy

- Amy Taggart from Albion, Indiana

01/27/2020 Video to DVD

Dear Home Video Studio: I just wanted to send a brief note to thank you for the professionalism and quality of the transfer work you completed for my family recently. It will provide for joy in the years to come with many memories of Christmases past, present, and future. The technical reproduction makes it look and sound better than the original VHS tape. In the year to come, we will definitely keep your company in mind for future projects, and we want to take this opportunity to wish all at Home Video Studio a great new year.

- Bradford Lee from Kervielle, Texas

01/25/2020 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Robert,Thank you very much for the extra special effort. The DVA was received and we were able to view it. This video was very important because the bride, my wife, passed away several years ago suddenly and unexpectedly My children teared, this evening finally getting to see and hear their mother… You gave them back a piece of the most important person in their lives. I sure in your work you’ve heard stories comparable to mine, But, you know, it shows how important your work is and you have my eternal thanks for doing it.

- Ben McCollister from Canton, Maine

01/15/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Recently after my parents passed away we found some super 8 movies in the closet. So I got out the projector and tried to play them but the film was so brittle it would break. My wife and I found out about Home Video Studio took all the reels we had to them. We got the DVD and the cloud storage. Saved them for Christmas Day. Tears and laughter, what a great Christmas. If you have old movie’s lying around before they fade away . I suggest you let HVS save them for you future generations. 5 star rating. There doing my vhs tapes now . Thanks guys

- Bud covey from Kokomo

01/05/2020 Audio Tape Transfer

The CD's arrived on schedule. I listened and I must admit I had a few tears. I had not listened to the cassettes in many years so I was really taken back to times gone by. Thank you for providing this service. I am very impressed with the quality the CDs. I'm so glad I found your business. Again. Thank you.

- Eleanor Roquet from Keystone, Iowa

01/03/2020 Home Movie Transfer

They were very very nice and helpful. I have use them twice so far and planning on using them again,.

- Chuck Peart from Saginaw

12/31/2019 Home Movie Transfer

For Christmas my wife and I had all of our old 8, super 8 and VCR converted to DVD from the past 55 years for our children. What a great surprise. Our 7 children were truly amazed to see the quality and professionalism and production of all the movies. The wonderful part they had a chance to reminisce and bring back old times. Thank you Home Video Studio for a spectacular, top notch production. Thank you for customizing and inserting our messages in order to make it personal to each of us. You are truly a 5 star company

- Tom Steinke from Anna Ohio

12/10/2019 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Home Video Studio is great! They took some old tapes I had and put them on an incredible digital video. They can also do dvds! I highly recommend them. Five stars!

- Heather Lowder from Homewood, Alabama

12/08/2019 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my family by saving our tapes after the flood. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone that asks. Have a very happy Holiday Season!

- Kennedi Travis from Fountain Hills, AZ

12/02/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Robert at Home Video Studio was so easy to work with and he explained the process very well. The DVD and DVA link were delivered within the timeframe promised. Being able to see years worth of old home videos, in such great quality, was priceless! The DVA link made it easy to share the videos with family. I appreciate the service provided by Robert and Home Video Studio.

- Laura Deane from Champaign

11/26/2019 Home Movie Transfer

We are so thrilled with the DVD that we now want to send other tapes to be converted!

- Steven & Mary Maertens from Marshall, MN

11/22/2019 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I had this on my punch list for years. Thank you for the great service you do. I can definitely recommend you!

- Jay Price from Cranford

11/17/2019 Video to DVD

Thanks for transferring our tapes to DVD. We really liked what you did! Now we are going to send you our audio tapes.

- Betsy Munroe from Naples, Florida

10/21/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Thrilled! Thanks Robert and staff at HOME VIDEO STUDIO It’s the 4th time you have transferred my old Super 8 home moves from the 70s. Again, excellent work. And delivered in just three weeks. I like that I have the option to have the films transferred to DVD, thumb drive and the cloud. I use all three and can share with family. That’s a Big plus. Thanks again!

- David MacAnally from Indianapolis

10/14/2019 Audio Tape Transfer

You guys really did a great job for us. Everybody liked it. The quality was great. Thank you for what you did.

- Michael Bedard from Lincoln, VT

10/07/2019 Video Production

Heath did an incredible job putting together a 56 minute video from scratch. He was very accommodating, very professional, and a pleasure to work with. Home Video Studio exceeded my expectations! Highly recommended.

- Dale Benson from Indianapolis

09/26/2019 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I logged in an watched my movies last night. You guys do wonderful work.

- David MacAnally from Indianapolis

09/19/2019 Video to DVD

Hi Robert and Dana. Just watched the DVD and you did a great job!! It is perfect and we have preserved some very special family moments. I know we will be in touch again with some of our old video tapes. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience. We are VERY happy customers!

- Suzy Tannarome from Grant's Pass

09/11/2019 Home Movie Transfer

The sending, receiving, and processing of film conversion to dva format went exactly as described. The finished product was well done.

- Steve Noland from LOUISVILLE

09/11/2019 Home Movie Transfer

I used your service and loved it! Will do it again, several times, in the, I hope, near future!! Love the music you put on the old videos!! — Mike

- Mike McGraph from Indianapolis

08/30/2019 Audio Tape Transfer

I want to think you and your staff for the excellent work that you did on my husband's music tapes. I deeply appreciate the care and skill involved. The day they arrived I immediately put the first CD on and I had tears running down my face. I did little else for 2 days, listening to all the tapes. My son and I plan on selecting the best recordings of each and making CDs for family and friends who loved Michael and his musicianship. My heartfelt gratitude, Victoria.

- Victoria Fridley from Corvallis

08/19/2019 Home Movie Transfer

I had all my kids home videos on VHS and no way to watch them. I had them all transferred to the Digital Video Archive service and now all the kids can watch them any time, even my daughter in NY. We had such a great time this summer when my daughter was in town watching the old videos. There was lots of laughing!! Thanks you Robert for providing this wonderful service. I highly recommend it.

- Theresa S. from Carmel

08/01/2019 Audio Tape Transfer

Just wanted to say thank you. I had only 1 copy of my dj set from college left on a cassette tape from 2003, and completely destroyed it, and your company fixed it and put it on CD for me. I will recommend and continue to use your services. 100% satisfaction! Thank you again

- Brian Fragnoli from Fairport, NY

08/01/2019 Home Movie Transfer

I received my home videos. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the video on the DVD. That you for a great job!!

- John Wellemeyer from Evansville

07/16/2019 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Wow! What a relief to finally find a place where I can take my video recordings on VHS and have them transferred to my laptop. The welcoming of a new customer was so sweet, followed by a phone call after the work was completed. The call was provided to cover any technical questions I had with the application. Chris was awesome!! thank you for your services, keep up the great work!


06/19/2019 Duplications

June 19, 2019 From the start in ordering to receiving the final product(s) as promised. Absolutely happy with the overall performance by Robert and Heath of Home Video Studios. Heath was able to complete all the necessary editing that was requested to clean up the video (DVD with 8mm family video). Moreover, this was a rush request due to my poor timing in completing the master that was used. The DVD's were well packed. Suffice to say, Robert promised it will be done and the copies I needed were done better than expected by Heath. I would highly recommend Home Video Studios.

- Ernie Haleck from Thousand Oaks, CA

06/13/2019 Video to DVD

You did a wonderful job with transferring our 8mm tapes to DVA. We love it!

- Birgitte Goldman from Oshkosh, WI

06/13/2019 Video Services

Just got the photo scans yesterday and they look great! We will be showing these at an upcoming reunion and will recommend your company

- Jeff Soldner from Roanoke

06/05/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Everything’s good. Titles are all there and each file is segmented properly. Nice work! Good job! Thank you.

- Joe Murray from Dallas, Texas

05/07/2019 35mm slide transfer

My boss entrusted me with his father's slides dating back to the 60's and he needed a quick turn around. Robert was amazingly kind and accommodating. I cannot recommend Home Video Studio highly enough. The slides were returned in perfect condition and earlier than promised. Home Video Studio and Robert made me look like the office hero!

- Kim Fenoglio from Fort Wayne

04/14/2019 Home Movie Transfer

I found home video studio by chance and I could not have been luckier. I sent my old 8mm tapes to them and within a week they were available via DVA. A few days later the DVD’s arrived. I’m currently preparing to send my remaining mini DV’s in for transfer as well. Thanks for all your help Robert!

- Michael Zall from New York

04/01/2019 Video Services

I really enjoyed dealing with the home video studio company. They fixed my VHS that included videos from the 1960’s of my family and the quality of the fix was outstanding. I admired the quickness of the fix and recommend this service everyone.

- Stephan Carzonie from Odessa, Florida

04/01/2019 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Hi Robert. I’m just beginning to explore the work you have done and I am “thrilled and very pleased “. Thanks sooo much.

- Rich Stanzione from Columbia

03/25/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Had a bunch of 8mm novices from the 60’s & VHS from the 80’s. I am so pleased with my DVD’s that I received from Home Video Studio. Something I can pass down to my children of pictures of their family they never knew

- Dick Morin from Randolph

03/25/2019 Video to DVD

Home Video did what they promised on time and with good quality. Will use them again.

- Frank C Sharkany from Long Beach

03/24/2019 Video to DVD

I was very concerned about sending the last tape I had of my father. He had just passed away. But Robert assured me it would be fine an it was an awesome job that Robert did. Now I can hear my fathers voice anytime I want and was able to share with the rest of the family. I will be doing more business with Robert. Once again awesome job! 5 star rating! Thanks.

- Scotty Enis from Boonville, MS

03/23/2019 Audio Tape Transfer

Thank you very much for the awesome job! The conversion of the audio-cassette to digital sounds great, it exceeded my expectations.

- David Mejia from Omaha

02/20/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Somehow, the most important things in life always seem to get put off until 'maybe tomorrow' which becomes next year, and then ten years more... In our family's case, it was 55 years! Now that the old home videos are finally copied - preserved - dispersed, for the first time since 1955, the two generations born afterwards can watch them!

- Ernest Kurtock from NOBLESVILLE, IN 46062

02/15/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Fantastic job with my movies!!

- Gary Stein from Indianapolis

02/12/2019 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Everything is wonderful. Really appreciate your hard work.

- Jennifer Goldstein from Westfield

02/09/2019 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I had been trying to digitize our tapes for years but kept having trouble with hardware or not have the bandwidth at home to upload things. We've had a series of deaths in our family over the past 3 years and I regretted not having done this earlier. So I finally chose a service. HVS did a good job. I had about 40 tapes for them to digitize and they took about a month longer than expected, but the product turned out well. We use their digital archive service ($7.95/month) which we enjoy, mainly because we can send a link of a video to relatives. Pretty easy to use. Definitely recommend.


02/09/2019 35mm slide transfer

Thanks for digitizing my 3D slides. I was finally able to share my grandmother’s slides with the rest of our family!

- Pat Taylor from Slidell, LA

02/08/2019 Video to DVD

Forgotten movies of the past brought to life once more! Until I heard about home videos I never even thought about the old movies my family took. Now my family can sit around for hours watching films about what once was! It’s brought us so much laughter and occasionally some tears to our household! But it has made me appreciate just how important taking videos are for the future! Thank you for bringing my family to the screen home videos!

- Terrin Cripe from Carmel

01/16/2019 Video to DVD

Such great quality transfers, and the DVD chapter breaks every time the camera turns off are so great! So nice to have these memories transferred over.

- Emilie Sgutt from Indianapolis

12/28/2018 Home Movie Transfer

DVA and team has done an incredible job transferring my family's cherished (yet quite dusty) old VHS tapes to their innovative DVA cloud platform. I'm truly impressed by the services they provide, their quick turnaround times and overall enthusiasm for what they do for their customers.

- Jacob Pasdach from Dallas

12/20/2018 Video Services

As a former public affairs officer in Nevada and Army broadcast officer in Panama, I was happy with the work Home Video Studio did on transferring products from tape to drive. I am planning to do more work with them.

- Steve Ranson from Fallon Nv

12/03/2018 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I’m viewing my home movies that you transferred on iPad & all I do is cry & thank you for these memories that have come to life. What a wonderful surprise this will be for Mother & Dad!

- Pam Dabbs from Hueytown, AL

11/28/2018 Home Movie Transfer

You guys did a fine, fine fabulous job! My family loved it!

- Debbie Britt from Indianapolis

11/19/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Finally decided to begin transferring my 8mm movies to DVD's. Divided the films I took in Korea in the late 50's between a local vendor and the Home Video Studio. Same time period, film, and camera so expected the same results. Not the case. The HVS copy was much clearer. The local vendors copy had a consistent hazy cast as if everything was filmed in smoke or fog. They couldn't explain why, but the equipment used or the process was not to the same standards as HVS. Although the per foot cost was less, it was another case of getting what you pay for.

- Ken Fleishaker from Ramsey

11/09/2018 Audio Tape Transfer

You cannot underestimate the impact it has been to listen to voices I have not heard in more than 40 years. Thank you so much for converting my father's audio reels of family conversations to digital. A priceless gift.

- Barbara Bryant from Vancouver

11/04/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I located a variety of companies on the internet that provided digital services for slides and movies.I was very reluctant to send my "memories" to some distant address. I saw several ads for Home Video on FaceBook, and since it was 30 minutes from home; I decided to visit. Robert Hanley's story sounded convincing, honest, and very professional. I started with about 300 slides, and I was extremely satisfied with the results. Robert provided exactly what he promised.My second order was even better, and now I'm preparing yet another order. I would highly recommend Robert Hanley and Home Video.

- Gary Stein from Greenwood, IN

09/23/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Some old Kodachrome slides from the 70s were so poorly exposed we thought they were hopeless. The company did a marvelous job of making most of them useful. Thank you.

- Robert Brant, MD from Beaver Falls, PA

09/06/2018 Home Movie Transfer

My husband and I where very pleased with our movie transfers we had a lot of old films and we didnt know if they could be saved but they did an excellent job and we had a great time watching and laughing again at the old movies. Thankyou Robert and Home video services

- Gene Pulvermacher from milwaukee

08/31/2018 35mm slide transfer

I've enjoyed doing business with you!

- Jim Goering from North Newton, KS

08/17/2018 Audio Tape Transfer

I have so many unusable archives in my basement. I had some Audio tapes turned into CD and MP3 for a reasonable cost, but more then that, I received friendly service with a man who knew how to take care of the sensitive topics of nostalgia, and life passing by. He helped me receive the best quality sound of my grandfathers voice on what could have been a tape that sounded like he was underwater. I am grateful for the time and attentiveness of Home Video Studio.

- Kellie Ryan from Freeport, Maine

08/14/2018 Video to DVD

I contacted Robert about having him put our movies onto CD's. He was so helpful, even making an extra effort to meet us for pick up outside his normal hours. He labeled the CD's to the best of his ability with the information I provided. Very helpful and thorough. I did have to call him to get the final group of over 60 videos picked up. Other than that, the experience was awesome. Cannot comment on the online service as we chose not to pay the extra per month charge.

- Vicki NaThalang from Fort Wayne

08/13/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I had several 16 mm films transferred to a DVD and Home Video Studio did a beautiful job. I highly recommend them.

- John Savage from Katy

08/11/2018 Video to DVD

Very happy with Home Video Studio. Will definitely be using them again!

- Marie Lawlor from Indianapolis

08/11/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Was skeptical of dealing long distance with companies and my special old tapes.However Robert is legitimate and has integrity.He is personable and easy to talk to albeit pretty busy it seems.Shipped my old tapes there easy enough.He made good DVD copies from all my old tapes and I enjoyed watching them.Will use him again when I find some more old missing ones stored in boxes.....somewhere in my house.

- Joseph P DiSantis from Marco Island

08/11/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I’m very happy with the various home movie transfers Robert did for me. He was able to splice a precious but damaged tape of my daughter’s baby years and transfer to DVD as well as digital and I am very thankful! He did a great job with all of my transfers and I felt his prices were very reasonable to save our priceless memories. I will definitely call him again with any future needs!

- Kelly Royston from Traverse City

07/12/2018 Video to DVD

I love the DVDs you created for me! Thank you for all your hard work!

- Rich Perry from McCordsville

05/04/2018 35mm slide transfer

Thank you for your good work on my slides. They are much better than I expected them to be.

- Robb Brandt M.D. from Beaver Falls, PA

04/24/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Robert & his team were great to work with when transferring our 8mm home movies to DVD. The results were exactly what we wanted, the prices were extremely reasonable, and they were very flexible in any changes we needed to make to the orders. I would definitely recommend this business to others and will be using them again in the future.

- Kate B from Traverse City

04/05/2018 Video Editing

Thank you, I will pass the word of your awesome work!

- Cecelia Whitfield from Indianapolis

04/04/2018 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Thanks for doing such a great job with my videos. My kids love watching them. I appreciate it.

- Mike Padgett from Indianapolis

03/31/2018 Video Editing

Heath worked miracles with my poor video footage from a family trip. Will be returning for future needs! Thanks!

- Magelina Corsaro from Indianapolis

03/22/2018 DVA - Digital Video Archive

My husband and I found HVS by doing a google search, as we had trouble finding someone in the area who could convert our data from a blu-ray disc to a format that could be viewed on any device. HVS transferred our wedding disc to the digital video archive. So happy to finally be able to view our wedding in the comfort of our home either with a smart TV, on the road and anywhere that has access to a computer or mobile device. We can also provide access online to friends and family! I would highly recommend this service, and we will definitely use them again!

- Mary Newman from Oak Park

03/17/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you!! We are so happy to be able to watch what was on our 8mm videos on our SmartTV and to share with our family through the DVA Cloud.

- Julie Cook from Indianapolis

03/14/2018 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Thanks a bunch, again, I’m very impressed by what you guys do, and won’t hesitate to recommend you.

- Dan Weissman from New York

02/14/2018 Video to DVD

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying seeing these movies you transferred from my VHS tapes to DVDs! Forgotten how young we all were once upon a time!

- Roberta Caito from Indianapolis

02/13/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I discovered a box of audio and VHS tapes at my mom's house. I thought about tossing them out, but fortunately took them to Home Video Studio and had them transferred to CDs and DVDs. I was able to preserve a lot of family history that I can now share with my daughter and grandchildren. I also had copies made for my brother and sister. Thanks Home Video for doing an excellent job.

- Dianne Francis from Indianapolis

01/23/2018 Audio Tape Transfer

Just the BEST SERVICE IN THE WORLD!! You will love the care and personal attention these professional video people give to your priceless home movies, videos, photos, etc.

- Al Stone from Noblesville

01/23/2018 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Utilizing Home Video Studio is the best thing you could do with old movies! The service and expert advice are second to none. We are so grateful to Robert for preserving decades of family history. The finished product is fabulous.

- Beth Neilson from Lebanon

12/27/2017 Video to DVD

Currently to date, I have had over twenty five (25) 8 mm videos transferred to DVD...I have been pleased with the quality and professionalism demonstrated by Home Video Studio. In 2018 , I plan to have more done as my grown children enjoy watching their childhood year !! Thanks for providing this service...

- Bruce Masden from carmel, Indiana

12/22/2017 Video to DVD

We had decided to convert all our VHS home videos of our family to DVD's since none of us have VHS players any longer. I entrusted Home Video Studios with this large task of MANY VHS tapes and also some 8mm. This is part of our gift to our adult children and grandchildren for Christmas. Now the grandchildren can actually see their parents weddings , the first Christmas's etc. The first of everything and some. These are priceless and I thank Home Video Studios for these memories, we now can view every day if we wish.

- Vivian Hoppock from Iselin

12/16/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Do really good work. They transferred all my super 8 to DVD and transferred my slides to cd.

- Amy Louden from Indianapolis

12/14/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I had used them a number of years ago to transfer home movies to DVD. I was very happy with their work back then and thought of them when I found some more old movies. I was not disappointed with their service and work many years ago and am very pleased today. They have not missed a beat and I highly recommend them.

- Bill Purnhagen from Westfield

10/31/2017 Video Services

I thought that true customer service was a thing of the past but at this business its alive and better than ever.They were able to help me the same day and showed me how to load it onto my computer once I got home.Had a small problem at home and called them and they walked me thur it in less than 1 minute. They now have a customer for life. Thank You.

- Steve Verplank from Fishers

10/18/2017 Video to DVD

I had many old, old movie reels I hesitated to have them transferred since they were over 40 yrs old and who knows what was on them! Home Video Studio did a wonderful job of explaining process to me and I was very pleased with the DVDs outcome ( so we're the kids) Thank you so much!

- Miriam Nifong from Indianapolis

10/06/2017 Home Movie Transfer

They have done several projects for me; my home movies were 50 years old! Great work!

- Sharon Wood from Lebanon

10/06/2017 Video Services

Add us to the list of very satisfied customers.

- Rick France from Indianapolis

10/06/2017 Video Services

They do excellent work!

- Mike Sheets from Indianapolis

10/06/2017 Video to DVD

I had several types converted to DVD and sm very happy with their work.

- Kristin Astle from Vincennes

09/20/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Following my mother's death in 2000, I often thought about the possibility of digitizing the home movies that my parents had made from 1935 to 1975. My brother and I were not certain the films could be salvaged given the passage of time and the less than idea conditions in which they were stored.. Home Video Studio did a great job of restoring the old 8 mm movie films and bringing back the glorious colors in those old Kodachrome films. I highly recommend HVS.

- Douglas Clanin from Anderson

07/30/2017 35mm slide transfer

I cannot tell you how much it has meant to have my family's slides transferred onto media that I can easily view and share! It was a large order - a lifetime of memories - and professionally completed. So many family members and friends will enjoy these - but me - the most. Thank you for the care you took this order!

- Judy Ferry Rohlfing from Columbus

07/28/2017 Video to DVD

Fast service and easy location! Thanks!

- Christine from Indianapolis

06/15/2017 Video Editing

Thanks so very much, we love the work you did for us. Its wonderful to travel back in time using video. Thanks for the great service, care and quality love it!!

- Joe Kelly from Franklin

06/01/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio was very helpful in transferring my family's VHS tapes over to CD and the Cloud. Now I'm able to share enjoyable memories with everyone. The service was very affordable and they are very attentive to our needs. I recommend this service to everyone. If you keep thinking about transferring photos or videos, this is the place to have it done. Don't wait. This make reunions a very enjoyable occasion.

- Karl Rider from Carmel

05/24/2017 Video to DVD

I have used home videos twice now. We have had 16 of our family videos transferred to DVD's. They came back looking very professional with sample pictures in the front of each case. Each scene labeled in the back cover. My daughter has also used them to transfer Beta tapes to DVD's. Again, Homevideos packaging was done very professional. I trust them to do a marvelous job on any job I need them to do and recommend them highly!

- Susan Anderson from Indianapolis

05/15/2017 Video to DVD

I had 2 old videos that needed to be transferred to dvd. When I phoned, the receptionist was very nice. I explained I was pressed for time due to moving. They were very understanding and executed the transfers in a timely manner. Thanks for being so efficient :)) Julie

- Julie Hart from Naples

05/10/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you for the wonderful job that was done. It's a gift to be able to view our home videos on DVD. We only go to home video studios now for the quick and excellent work that your company does.

- Rachel from Fishers

04/20/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio was awesome and very professional! I had about 35 videos on different formats that I wanted on DVDs that spanned 25 years. I received my order when promised and I was very pleased with the results. With the discount, I felt it was a very reasonable price.

- Linda Aton from Noblesville

04/17/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio did a great job transferring our home movies to a DVD. I would recommend that anyone use their service!

- Richard Bender from Indianapolis

03/28/2017 Video to DVD

We have used the Home Video Studio for several projects and they have all been handled extremely well. Most recently they converted about 25 VHS and VHS-C tapes to DVD format and the job was done before the promised completion date. Prior to that, they converted about 3000 35mm slides to archival DVDs and that was also done very well. The team at HVS is very easy to work with and provide very professional services. I highly recommend them.

- Jim Wolfe from Indianapolis

03/24/2017 Video to DVD

I had a simple VHS-to-DVD job and was very pleased with every aspect of the service. If I need more video services I'll definitely come back.

- Sarah Haag from Fortville

03/15/2017 Video to DVD

I am so impressed by your technical expertise. I had one VHS tape that was in sad shape when you got it, but it had the most precious recording of my sons in a church musical that turned into a comedy. After you finished repairing the VHS, the DVD was clear and bright. Didn't loose any scenes in the process! Amazing! I have been very happy with all my conversions! The staff is courteous and anxious to please the customer which is rare now. I highly recommend Home Video Studio and will continue to use their services as I find other home videos to convert to archive quality DVDs. Thank you so very much!

- Paulette Rufenbarger from Brownsburg

03/12/2017 Video to DVD

These guys do a wonderful job! I took 11 VHS tapes in, each one about 1.5 hrs. They labeled each disc with my own wording and printed running time also. Each case w/ disc was rubber banded to the corresponding VHS. I am thrilled with the quality! Total was $142 and took about 3 weeks (at Christmastime!). I highly recommend

- Leigh Berline from Pendleton

03/12/2017 Video Services

Guys this is an awesome deal. They will even fix old VHS that are broken and then put it on DVD for you.

- Kathy Williams from Indianapolis

03/12/2017 Video to DVD

I had a VSH tape put on a DVD by these guy's and they did a great job!!!

- Tina McKerlie from Fortville

02/23/2017 Video to DVD

Simply great ! I now have video of family members of over 40 to 50 years ago which I would have lost without your service ( most of these relatives no longer living ) I was truley satisfied -- great value ( fair price , etc. ) Best thing to say would be " I'll be back !"

- Violet Gwin from Indianapolis,

02/23/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Just finished watching the DVDs of the 60 some years of 8mm film I dropped off last month. Wow what a great job you guys did with the 9-rolls of film. It brought tears to my eyes to see my father in uniform to fight in WWII holding me as an infant along side of my mother just prior to shipping out. The movies that begin in 1941 and run through the 1990 chronical all of my family both on my fathers side and on my mothers side. Anyone having a closet full of old home movies or pictures should make it a priority to contact you to have these memories updated to present technology to preserve their family history for their sibling and children. I ordered 7-sets of these DVD's and plan to order an additional 5 to 10-sets to distribute to additional family members very soon.

- Glen Reid from Uniondale, IN

02/20/2017 Video to DVD

Hi I just wanted to tell you guys that you did an amazing job fixing my vhs-c tape and putting it on DVD. I received it this morning and it is meant to be a present for my mom's birthday. She is going to love it! And if there is anywhere that I can leave feedback online please let me know and I will do so. :-) Thanks again!

- Heather Drake from Kokomo

02/18/2017 35mm slide transfer

You "nailed-it"! Audio all good and credits are good! In my mind it was a little bit of a complicated project considering the number of tapes, different formats, and adding the editing without me there off a Word document. I'm completely happy!

- Jim Payton from Indianapolis

02/18/2017 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I was very happy with the work Home Video Studio did. Now my memories can be shared and enjoyed. I highly recommend them and will us them in the future.

- Pam Huff from Westfield

02/15/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I had some old video tapes that I never thought I would be able to view. I assumed that the tapes would stay on a shelf growing dust. A few weeks ago I decided to bring in some of my tapes/cds and see if home video studio would be able to transfer my home videos to DVD. Wow!! Was I ever excitedly surprised and relieved to hear that the home video studio not only saved my (scratched) cds, but they did the transfer easily and quickly. I am very thankful to have found this company. I plan on using home video studio in the future!!!

- Rachel Contardi from Fishers

02/03/2017 Video to DVD

I heard about this place on Facebook. I was very happy it was close and they did the work there. It wasn't going to be sent somewhere. The cost was reasonable and cheaper then walgreens and other places. The professionalism and quality was very good. I would recommend them and I would go back there also.

- Donna Gibbs from Indianapolis, IN

01/11/2017 Video to DVD

This was my first time using Home Video Studio. I googled "where to have 8 mm tapes converted to DVD in Indianapolis" and their name popped up with excellent reviews so I decided to give them a try. I could not be happier! They are professional, knowledgeable and nice people to work with. I worked with Heath and he was great, providing 5 of the 22 8mm tapes I had taken in to be converted to DVD the week of Christmas! We had so much fun reliving memories over the holidays. Home Video Studio gets my highest recommendation and I plan to use them again!

- Dana Finlan from Indianapolis

01/03/2017 Home Movie Transfer

My second time using HOME VIDEO STUDIO, and I'm very satisfied with the results and their staff. They transferred several reels of home movies from the early 1960's onto DVD so that my father can have them in a format that is easier for him to use. Great job gang! Thanks for your work.

- Kevin Castle from Noblesville

01/02/2017 Home Movie Transfer

We picked up our DVD's the day before Christmas and played them over and over for the family with a lot of "remember when's and who is that". they are great memories and a lots of requests for "can I get a copy of that".

- Mike Witka from Noblesville

12/22/2016 Video to DVD

I just picked up my videos yesterday right in time for the holidays! As I sat down with my cup of coffee this morning and poped one of the dvds in just to see how it turned out I was instantly captured for hours by the beauty of turning back time. To see these videos for the first time sense I was a child, I laughed, I cried, I was overjoyed at just how golden these videos were. I want to thank home videos studio for creating these for my family and I to share for the rest of our lives. I am so thankful to have these memories on camera and so thankful there's people like you out there to put it on a DVD and make it so easy to share and enjoy! Thank you I will come back for years to come, and will recommend you to all I know! Merry Christmas

- Terrin Cripe from Carmel

12/18/2016 Home Movie Transfer

My second time and just as thrilled as the first time! We will be able to watch old family movies because of you. Thank you! Beth Pfister

- Beth Pfister from Indianapolis

11/26/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I want to thank Home Video Studio for the wonderful job your company did transferring my 50 home movie reels to CDs. It has been more of a blessing than I ever imagined. I recently hosted my family reunion & had them running on a tv in the background. Very few family members moved from their chairs the entire time they were running. Quite emotional. I was so pleased to be able to order more sets to share with them. The background music was perfect, your staff was so easy to work with and the quality of your work was perfect!!!

- Cheryl Gosch from Shelbyville

09/27/2016 Video to DVD

I am extremely pleased with the services rendered at Home Video Studio! I recently dropped in there without an appointment and they were able to complete my request on the spot while I waited. In fact, when they saw that my home address was not Indianapolis, they actually suggested that I wait for the videos, so that I didn't have to make another trip. They were also very helpful in completing the work and trying to find me the best cost savings for the work that I wanted to be completed. I have gone to Home Video Studio in the past for my audio/video needs and they are always very helpful and polite. I am very satisfied with their services and would recommend Home Video Studio to anyone! Kelly Prince

- Kelly Prince from McCordsville

09/13/2016 Video to DVD

I am very well satisfied with the work Home Video Studio did on my nearly 30-year old VHS tapes. The service was professional, courteous and timely. The cost was very reasonable. I will definitely go to them with some more old VHS tapes for transfer to DVD.

- Bill Murnan from Indianapolis

09/13/2016 Video Editing

I met with Heath to prepare a 3 minute video for an upcoming presentation. I was not optimistic about the final product as the raw footage I had was very disjointed and required a great deal of editing. Heath was able to produce a final video that was beyond my expectations and I was very impressed with not only the quality but how quickly it came together.

- Chuck Heintzelman from Indianapolis

09/13/2016 Video Editing

Looks pretty good. Thanks, DJC

- David Carr from Indianapolis

05/12/2016 Video to DVD

I've worked with Home Video Studio for both work and personal projects. They recently saved a home video to DVDs for me. I would highly recommend them - very courteous staff and excellent results!

- Chris Gunderson from Indianapolis

05/09/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I was delighted with the Quality of the DVDs that I received from your company. I was less than enthusiastic about the quality of the slides. Though I understand that they were very dirty, I feel as though someone should have called me before processing the work as the digital media from the slides is not of a quality to allow for viewing. I would NOT have had them done had I know this. I do have additional 8mm Movies that I will be bringing to you for transfer as a result of my satisfaction with the quality of the work done on them.

- Michael S. Culver II from Indianapolis

04/15/2016 Video to DVD

I used Home Video Studio and I am very happy with the videos. My family and I have not seen or heard my father since he passed almost 12 years ago and I found our old home videos from over 20 years ago. Rob helped me out greatly and the store did a fantastic job as I wasn't sure the tapes were good but they transferred them to DVD. The personalization they do with the title of the disc is also a nice touch. If you have anything you want transferred even if you are not sure if the tape is good take it to them. They will help tell you what they can and will do and make it easy on you!

- Antonio from Pendleton

04/05/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Goodness…another treasure updated and saved to hear again…..I love the dedication of all the staff to helping me get my memories together, as I go through my files and stacks of things I set them aside and take them to the Home Video Studio… is an awesome thing to do for oneself!!! Maryellen B

- Maryellen B from Fishers

02/29/2016 35mm slide transfer

I brought in 30 year old 35mm slides to be transferred to DVD. The quality of the final product was excellent and I enjoyed revisiting pictures that I had not seen in decades.

- C Heintzelman from Indianapolis

02/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer

- Greg from Noblesville I never dreamed these old movies would turn out so well. What a great time we live in where old memories can come alive again! Thanks to Nate and staff for their work and dedication.

- Greg from Noblesville

02/02/2016 Video to DVD

I got two DVDs created for Christmas for old family videos. Home Video Studio was able to repair the tape from one of my family's old home movies that was a broken VHS. Not only was the tape repaired and my DVDs were ready in a very speedy manner, but the quality was excellent! I will definitely be recommending your services to others that are looking to preserve loving family memories. You all are wonderful!

- Katie Moran from Indianapolis

01/31/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Just dropped off 50+ years of home movies for transfer. Can't wait to see the end result. So much better than having them waste away in a closet!

- Sharon Burtziaff from Indianapolis

01/31/2016 Video to DVD

Was a little concerned with studio being in home. Found it is very professional. I had an old wedding vhs tape that I wanted to save. They explained if I had several, may take months to get to. They got to my one tape and had it done same day. Very professionally done and imprinted a title that I chose. If you have a vhs tape(s) you've wanted to keep, and transfer to DVD or perhaps add DVA. Thet do a good job. I met Cheryl and Robert and they're very nice people, love what they do. Have a cool studio office. Thanks soo much for the help with that Home Studios! Also for the suggestion of it being a Valentine's Day gift. Great idea

- Rena Jones from Indianapolis

01/31/2016 Video to DVD

I have had a great experience working with Home Video Studio. I highly recommend them!!

- Laura Shank Hiser from Indianapolis

01/31/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Hi all. I drove to studio. It was worth the drive. Treated well..prices are fair.

- Jeannie Prince from Plainfield

01/29/2016 Home Movie Transfer

i had videotape to DVD transfer, and the DVDs came out really good, i had been looking to get this done for a long time and then i was told about the Home VIdeo Studio, and they have proven to be just what we needed, i highly recommend their service to everyone

- Betty Murphy from INDIANAPOLIS

01/27/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I highly recommend Home Video Studio!!! I had 25 8 mm reels from the 1960s just sitting around and collecting dust and what not. My husband and I found an old projector at a flea market and watched some of the of the reels had poor picture quality and I decided that i needed to find someplace to convert them to DVD. I found Home Videos website, gave them a call and went there the same day. Three weeks later I am the proud owner of a priceless DVD!!!! (The reel with the poor picture quality was restored) I highly recommend Home Video Studios!!!! I now need not worry that my memories will be lost or destroyed!!!! Home Video Studio prices are very reasonable too. Thank you for bringing my memories alive family will cherish this for years to come!!!!

- Marla Gammons from Indianapolis

01/21/2016 Video to DVD

HVS has converted several of our VHS tapes to DVD and the quality has been outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.

- Jim Zeller from Indianapolis

01/21/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We had a VHS tape that was converted from the old 8mm tapes years ago. It had a tear in the tape. Home Video Studio repaired our VHS tape and also transferred to a DVD. They did a great job and the turn-around was quick! Thanks so much! It was fun watching our home videos again!

- Janet Ginley from Pendleton

01/14/2016 Home Movie Transfer

"For years I had been wanting to secrtly convert my parent's family VHS tapes over to DVD and give them as a Christmas gift. I wanted to make sure that I picked a reputable company as I did not want anything bad to happen to these tapes. I did quite a bit of research and then I came across Home Video Studio and knew who I was going with. I knew I made the right choice within the first few minutes of my first visit. They were extremely knowledgeable on all fronts, and feeling comfortable with something so priceless and valuable goes a long way. I have since been back a few times with not just more tapes from my own family but also my future wife's family tapes. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio and cant' thank them enough for their due diligence with my family's memories! - Andrew L "

- Andrew L from Westfield

01/13/2016 Video to DVD

I have taken several important family moments on VHS tapes to be transferred to DVD and I have not been disappointed in the quality of work Home Video Studio's does. Will definitely be using them again!

- Kim Beasley from Anderson, IN

01/11/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Quick turnaround and great final product.

- Chuck H from Indianapolis

12/22/2015 Video to DVD

As the owner of a professional production company, I shopped around and found no one more reasonable in fee's than Home Video Studio in transfers. Outstanding service and quality work. Friendly staff and very helpful. Home Video Studio is the only company I trust to handle our product.Thank you to you and your staff.

- Chris McDaniel from Columbus

12/21/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had recently used Home Video Studio to convert all of my parents old home videos to DVDs! HVS honored my request to have them done in a timely fashion so I could give them as a Christmas present by December 20th! They were awesome! My parents loved the DVDS and they were very good quality considering one of them was their wedding video from 1987! I highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone and everyone!

- Lindsey from Indianapolis

12/09/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Wonderful service with such a friendly staff. Quality of work was great. I would highly recommend this company.

- Patricia Milharcic from Indianapolis

12/07/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

I was referred to Home Video Studio by my realtor friend, Jennifer Deakyne. Jennifer's grandmother had passed away and the family was interested in having me play a song my mom and aunt recorded back in 1999. The problem was, I only had it on a cassette tape and the tape was damaged. Home Video Studio was able to copy the cassette to a CD and I was able to play the CD for the upcoming funeral. This was especially meaningful, since both my mom and aunt passed away in 2008. Toni Dickover, Noblesville, Indiana

- Toni Dickover from Noblesville

11/20/2015 Home Movie Transfer

WOW! Home Video Studio transferred my deceased parents 8mm home videos taken between 1955 and 1960. What memories. It allowed me to see movies with a brother and grandfather of mine that had died prior to my birth. Also, having the movies in a shareable format has allowed me to reach out to long lost cousins and share the memories from their childhood with them.

- Brian Aldridge from Indianapolis

11/19/2015 Video to DVD

Thanks again for the job well done on transferring my Beta tapes to DVD. I know the one tape had tracking issues but you managed to salvage the material I was concerned with. As my subject matter, the B&O in West Central Indiana, is long abandoned and gone, I'm just happy to finally have this material transferred. Have other tapes I'm tracking down that I'll be bringing by in the future. Found a fantastic shot the B&O's westbound 96 that I shot off of the 236 overpass at North Salem back in '84. Forgot I'd even taken this stuff. Very satisfied with the service. Thanks again.

- Larry A. Graham from St. Anne Illinois

11/18/2015 Video to DVD

Everything was perfect with our video to DVD transfer. Thank you!

- Joann Greer from Noblesville

11/13/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had all of our home movies and slides transferred. There were a few issues but HVS took care of those and everything turned out great. Thanks for great job!!!

- Sheryl Hill from Fishers

10/27/2015 Video Services

This is my "GO TO" team for any Video transfer work. They have done a lot of 8mm, real to real and SD card integration for me over the past year or so. Never been disappointed!

- Jim Frazita from Indianapolis

10/26/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

My mother passed away in August and while going through her things I found a cassette recording from 1999 of her personal testimony. Thank you for the beautiful CD. The quality is excellent. It is so wonderful to have, not only her story restored, but a memory of her voice which I miss so much. Thank you, again.

- Beth Pfister from Indianapolis

09/30/2015 Video to DVD

I am so grateful we trusted Home Video Studio with the task of turning my mom's old 8mm tapes into DVDs. For 20 years, she's had boxes full of these memories. To see them come alive again and to relive these memories with my family has been priceless. Many tapes were a hodge podge of several varying events, times, and places. The scene selection screen was especially beneficial in helping navigate to exactly what you wanted to watch. I whole-heartedly recommend Home Video Studio.

- Brittany Webber from Noblesville

09/24/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Found an 8MM Movie from when I was stationed in Saigon, Vietnam (1967). I was pleased with the transfer as well as the timing. I would use this facility again.

- Harley from Fishers

05/24/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I have used these guys before and had wonderful results getting all my old VCR tapes to DVD's....finally located a clip from our wedding in 1992.....what a hoot to see all 8 children so young!

- Maryellen Bein from Fishers,IN

03/18/2015 Video to DVD

The spring and summer are the busy season for my band. We will definitely do more business!

- William O Taylor from Indianapolis

03/12/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Excellent work! I was very pleased with transfers made for me.

- Gary Price from Anderson

03/10/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I finally got around to transferring our family’s 8mm film to DVD. What memories it brought back. Home Video Service provided prompt, professional service at a competitive price. They even added music to the background. I’m very impressed with this company.

- Fred Hitz from Noblesville

03/01/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We are fortunate to be only 20 minutes from their studio, and have used them several times. They did a great job transferring a colored 8mm movie from 1954, with scenes of me driving a new, bright red 1954 Ford convertible with my girlfriend. It came out super. The background music fit the occasion. Ahhh...the 1950s!

- Roger B from Fishers, IN

02/16/2015 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio has done several projects for me and the DVD's come back excellent. Always a good, professional DVD returned.

- Robert I. Shelby from San Antonio, TX

02/13/2015 Home Movie Transfer

The home movies that were transferred to dvd by Home Video Studio are amazing! We are so happy we found this place and have had many projects done. We will definitely recommend them to everyone! Your treasures are safe with Home Video Studio! thank you!

- Chris Haas from Kokomo

02/07/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We were just so amazed and pleased with the quality of our home movie transfers from Home Video Studio. Our film dated back to the 1930 and was 16mm and 8mm. For the first time ever we could really see it and enjoy it. Thank you so much!

- Amber Vaughn from Fritch, TX

02/01/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

great job...great people to work with and will always use them now. Thanks Robert :)

- Patti McLaughlin from Carmel

01/26/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I was looking to transfer 24 old family slides to a CD so that I could obtain prints -- for my grandson's genealogy school project. I needed the job done with 72 hours. -- Home Video was very accommodating - understanding my need to help my grandson-- and got the job done the same day I came in. So if you have a "special" need - ask and maybe Home Video can help you out.

- George Lukes from Indianapolis

01/22/2015 Video Services

we got some of our slides done (they are over 40 years old!). they look great and it is so cool to see them again after so long! we are looking forward to getting more done!! Thank you Home Video Studio - Indianapolis (Castleton), Indiana!

- Chris Haas from Kokomo

01/22/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I was fortunate enough to come across some old tapes of the band my Mother sang in back in the 60's. With her failing health I wanted to give her as special a Christmas as possible. Thanks to you and the work you did it truly was. She hadn't heard these tapes in over 40 years but was able to sing along with every song. Thank you, for helping me to give a special gift to the woman that worked 3 jobs just to care for her children.

- Michael Haskett from Noblesville

01/21/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Again, you all do such amazing work. I took in around 20 8MM movies and you all converted them for me. They were from around 1960. Way before my time. It was great to watch them on DVD and see my parents and grandparents at such a younger age. I would totally recommend you all. Work is professional and the turnaround time is amazing! Great Work!!

- Robert E from Indianapolis

01/13/2015 Video Services

Thanks again for a quick and accurate transfer of info from my VHS video tape to DVD. The 10 minutes (from 14 years ago) is one of the very few captures of me singing and is very special to me. I will return with any others I find so that they too can be preserved.

- John Kidwell from Cicero

01/09/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I found a 31 year old cassette tape, I took it to them & they put it on a CD for me. It was my grandpa singing & playing the guitar. I hadn't heard it in over 20 years. I was scared to play it & the tape get are up. Home Video Stuido copied it to a CD, now I can listen to it any time. Great work!!! I recommend a friend & he's going there today with old videos.

- Steven Blakley from Indianapolis

12/23/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Very happy with the service provided and the outcome of my films! I had about 8 home movies on VHS and 130 30mm slides from the 50s and 60s transferred to DVD. I'm so excited to show my family this Christmas!

- Abby from Fishers

12/11/2014 Video to DVD

I took in my parents wedding video from 1961 and was very pleased with the work that was done. For the video being that old, the work that was done to restore was absolutely wonderful! I will get the rest of the old movies converted over to DVD.

- Robert E from Indianapolis

12/06/2014 Video to DVD

You do great service. Merry Christmas.

- Albert G. from Indianapolis

12/01/2014 Video Services

Excellent work...THANK YOU...we just got back from being out of town, and I am enjoying the DVD now....In the future, I have more to ask you to put on DVD...need to get thru Christmas first...THANKS AGAIN..

- Steve & Sharon from Oneonta

11/03/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio was great. The turnaround time was fast and it has been so much fun to watch all our old home videos that we had not been able to watch in years. There isn't a price tag that I could put on the memories that we had captured on tape---it is great to know that those memories are now preserved on DVD. Thank you so much.

- Leah Campbell from Pendleton

10/29/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I had all of my 8mm films from childhood transferred by Home Video Studio and they turned out beautifully! It turned out to be a wonderful gift for my family.

- Edith Ritorto from Indianapolis

10/29/2014 Home Movie Transfer

We had many 8mm home movies and slides that Home Video Studio put on DVDs for us. All of these were of family and friends and were very important to us. They did an excellent job in a timely fashion and were very professional. We also had them make extra copies so that each of our children would have a copy. We will use them again and will highly recommend them to our family and friends.

- Dick Freije, Sr. from Indianapolis

10/27/2014 Video to DVD

I was very pleased with the DVDs you guys produced for exceeded my expectations when I opened the bag. The labeling was very professionally done too...job well done! I am sure I will have more tapes to convert to the DVD format...

- Mike Radkovic from Indianapolis

10/27/2014 Duplications

I am completely satisfied with the recent duplication work done by Home Video Studio and was pleasantly surprised that everyone connected with Home Video Studios was so knowledgeable and eager to accommodate my needs. Their professionalism and friendliness are a great asset to the company. Also, I currently have a big, personal project they are doing for me. I have entrusted them with transfering many vintage 8 mm films to DVD as a Christmas gift for my deceased husband's family members. Without the trust and comfort level Home Video Studio has allowed me to understand, these old films would not be able to be viewed. Thank you Home Video Studio for making this gift of a lifetime possible.

- Marianne Schafer Ries from Indianapolis, IN

10/20/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I had 25 8mm tapes made of my twin girls growing up and my late wife Cindy. I wanted to get these put on a newer format (DVD) but did not want to send them away. I brought one over to see how Home Video Studio did and I was pleased. I then brough over the other 24 and they turned them around ahead of their proposed schedule. Great team to work with:-)

- Jim from Indianapolis

10/07/2014 Video to DVD

I had been nervous about turning my home videos over to someone to transfer to DVD so I had put off doing it for years! I finally decided to give Home Video Studio a try since I knew they would handle everything on site. They did a wonderful job and the quality is just great. Our family is so delighted to be able to watch our home videos so easily now…they were on VHS and we no longer had a VCR so had no way to see them! Thank you Home Video Studio!

- Jill McKenzie from Indianapolis

10/07/2014 Video to DVD

We are very happy with the ten dvd's we picked up last week! 8mm tapes transferred, from our daughter's birth to first birthday from 14 years ago. Thank you for handling our precious tapes with such care

- Heidi Bennett from Fishers

10/07/2014 Photo Videos

We recently did our third project with Home Video Studio. It involved the conversion of about 3000 35mm slides to digital images. The project was done very well and very quickly. We are more than pleased with the result. The team at Home Video Studio was professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend their services as this work is clearly in their expertise sweet spot. They will be our first choice for future projects.

- Jim Wolfe from Indianapolis

10/07/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for the great work on transfering our family movies and tapes to DVD. The work and orgainization of our order was outstanding and we look forward to enjoying our family times and kids sports of the past. I'll gladly use you folks again and recommend to friends, All the Best,,

- Mark F. from Indianapolis

10/01/2014 Video to DVD

Thanks a lot for your awesome job. I had a high school video in VHS from 20 years ago in very bad shape. You guys did a great job changing it to a digital format. I put it in YouTube and made the day of nearly 50 old friends. It actually inspired a reunion. Thanks to you we revived very nice memories and we even saw good friends that unfortunately are not with us anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Jairo Vinasco from Indianapolis

09/22/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I have used the Home Video Studio several times with great results. They are very customer friendly too. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you for saving our family memories, Anne Duncan

- Anne Duncan from Indianapolis

08/31/2014 Video to DVD

I went to Tanzania, Africa to attend a special service in honor of my father. A house had been built on the mission compound and named in his honor. I returned with home movie cassettes which needed to be combined and transferred to DVD. I was very pleased with the result, and now I can share this experience with the entire family. I appreciated working with Home Video Studio and am glad to provide a positive recommendation.

- Linda Quick from Indianapolis

08/31/2014 Video to DVD

Good job Cheryl and Devin and Bob (not sure who all was involved).

- Scott Tinsley from Pendleton, Indiana

08/31/2014 Video to DVD

Words can't describe the joy these DVD's have brought to my Family! Both of my parents have passed away and to see and hear them interacting with my two daughters as little girls fills me with happiness! Thank you Home Video Studio for keeping all these memories alive!

- Sandy from Greenwood

08/31/2014 Video to DVD

I am the owner of the 1993 HVS P-W tape you put on the DVDs. My daughter is absolutely thrilled to have the DVD copy. She can hardly wait to show her friends who are in the video with her. I am so pleased we could preserve it. Thanks so much!!

- Shelly Ladd from Lebanon, Indiana

08/29/2014 Duplications

The company transferred audio cassette tapes to CD then duplicated for a second set. These are very important to our family and Home Video Studio was quick and efficient. We'll use them again.

- John Koppin from Fishers

04/05/2014 Duplications

Home Video Studio did a great job in duplicating and custom labeling 50+ DVDs of the Carmel High School Boys Swimming and Diving Season. The completion of the video project was delayed, yet despite that, Devin of Home Video Studio worked in a shortened time frame to complete the duplication in time for the annual end of season banquet where the video was shown and copies given to each swimmer. Memories they'll cherish forever.

- Shep Cooper from Carmel

03/18/2014 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio has made all our memories come anew. Not only was the service friendly but their expertise is awesome. How nice it is to revisit good times, our children when they were young, and to share these with our grandchildren. We gifted many of the ones we had put on DVD to our children. I felt so good to be able to recapture these precious times that were on VCR tapes. I highly recommend other people sort through all their stored films to update their home video/film library. Maryellen and Rick

- Maryellen and Rick from Fishers

03/05/2014 Video to DVD

Thank you for the beautiful videos that you made for my family at Christmas. My father passed 6 years ago. Memories are great but there is nothing more I love better is to see videos of him. The whole family teared up, they were good times we had with him. Knowing the videos will last forever and I can past on to my children. Thank you for the proof of his LIFE! Thanks!

- Sherri Dugger from Indidnapolis

01/13/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I have used this company for several different projects. They are great to work with and are very reasonably priced.

- Pam Day Meadors from Indianapolis

01/12/2014 Video Editing

I think the price was very fair, and the technician (Devon?) was able to visualize my needs; preparing the structured video I needed very quickly. She also labeled the DVD as requested, making it look very much like a professional work product. If similar needs arise, Home Video Studio is the first place I would contact to get a prompt, professional product delivery. DK

- Don Kinnan from Indianapolis

11/02/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you and home video studio for the GREAT JOB!! you did transferring my 8mm home movies to dvd.Now they can be handed down through the family without projectors eating them up.5 STARS to home video studeo,say hi to Indianapolis for me,Jim.

- Jim Maguire from none

11/02/2013 Video to DVD

Thank you for your quality workmanship.     Also, at the time I brought in my videos (they are 17 years old) you answered all of my questions.  I was very happy with the results of the years old videos transferred to the DVDs   They were sharper than I thought they would be.    I certainly will recommend your Home Video Studio to anyone interested in wanting to update their videos to DVDs.

- Judy Utterback from Indianapolis

07/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you very much to Home Video Studio and especially to Bob Brown for the excellent job he did on the French audio transfer project. I appreciate Bob's professionalism and the wonderful job he did in a very timely manner so I have the project before the beginning of the school year. Merci beaucoup Bob!

- Eugenia Calin from Indianapolis

06/27/2013 Home Movie Transfer

We were referred to them by a friend and they really did a great job! Since we aren't close, everything went by mail and they were really easy to work with. Looking forward to sending more projects to them.

- Julia from Plainfield

05/29/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much for transfering our home movies to DVD. It is wonderful to be able to see these again and enjoy the memories once more! You provide a high quality service for a resonable price, and I would definitely recommend you to others.

- Beth Scannell from Carmel

05/29/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Very pleased with you guys for the videos you did for me and I'm enjoying memories that they provide. Happy to refer your work.

- Clay Fattore from Indianapolis

05/29/2013 Video to DVD

Great service. Will definitely use again. Thanks for excellent work. Benjamin Bender

- Benjamin Bender from Cicero

05/29/2013 Video to DVD

I was pleased with your service which copied an 8mm tape to DVD. The price was fair and the service was quickly done. Mike Wukitsch

- Mike Wukitsch from Camby

03/02/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Mr. Hanley I have been in retail for more years than I care to admit and I have NEVER seen the customer service that you have extended to us, you have what I was taught when I first started in retail, I'll never forget one statement my manager told me, for every satisfied customer that leaves the store he/she will tell 3/4 friends, for every dissatisfied customer, he/she will tell the world. Cathy and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your professionalism and promptness.

- Stuart & Cathy Vance from Clearwarter, Fl

02/16/2013 Video to DVD

Thanks so much for transferring my videos to DVD's. They were sparkling and sharp.

- Jon & Vivian from Indianapolis

01/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Had a 60 year 16 mm film transfer to DVD LOOKs GREAT!

- Michael Miller from Decatur, IN

01/28/2013 Video Editing

My experience with Home Video Studio was very professional and efficient. In a matter of an hour we were able to edit three individual videos into one with four independent videos playing simultaneously and looping. End result was exactly what I wanted.

- Dennis Alsman from Edon

01/03/2013 Video to DVD

Thanks for doing a great job with our videos!

- Grectchen from Indianapolis

01/03/2013 Video to DVD

My experience with the Home Video Studio was positive from my first phone contact to the finished projects. Exceptional service, experienced staff, efficient turn-a-round, flawless end result. I highly recommend Home Video Studio. Judith James

- Judith James from Indianapolis

01/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much for making the CD of my Mom singing from the reel to reel recording. It came out great and brought a tear to the eyes of the family as well. It will now be a cherished memory since it is the only recording we have of her. I won't hesitate to do business with you again and I've already recommended you to several other people. Thanks Again!!

- David Coleman from Indianapolis

12/20/2012 Video to DVD

I was so happy when I walked into Home Video Studio and even happier when I walked out one week later with my tapes on DVD. They did a great job! My wife is going to be so surprised on Christmas morning.

- Paul from Indianapolis

12/19/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I am so happy. I just viewed the dvd's that were made for me from some old reels. They were of my husbands family from about 35 years ago. These are going to be great Christmas presents for his family. Thanks so much for taking good care of these reels and making new lasting memories for our family. Sincerely Tammy Miller

- Tammy Miller from Indianapolis

12/12/2012 Video to DVD

This is a very professional and reliable company. I have used them for important projects and they have not only done the work in a timely manner, but also did an excellent job with the finished products. I would never go anywhere else! Thanks, guys!

- Pat Hunter from Zionsville

11/05/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I was VERY pleased with my 50 year old family 8mm film put on DVD. The copies I sent my children were the best received presents EVER.

- Carole Brici from indianapolis. IN

10/19/2012 Video to DVD

This is my 2nd time using there service, but and both were amazing. But the 2nd time was super awseome!!! Nate did a fantastic job on our 25 wedding anniversary video keep sake.. He made every adjustment that i needed(he even heard my emotions when i couldnt speak) lol lol.. He did just a great job anc i cant wait to show my friends and family the video at our party!!!! thank you so much.....

- Ward from Indianapolis

10/14/2012 Photo Videos

Thank you for taking photos of my parents and turning them into a wonderful video journey of their lives. I know the rest of my family will be as pleased as I am with the result. Devin was very helpful with suggestions, worked with me to fine tune the DVD, and did a great job with captions and the music. Thanks so much!

- Candice M. from Indianapolis

09/14/2012 Home Movie Transfer

The DVD's you made from our 63 year old home movies were wonderful. We had the opportunity to share the DVD's with our family this week and they truly enjoyed watching. Thanks for providing a good quality product in a timely manor.

- Warren Stohler from Carmel

09/04/2012 Duplications

Thanks again for the FAST work on our dvd duplications!! -- our need was totally last minute and you did a seamless great job, it really saved us!! Thanks!!!

- d broyles from westfield

08/31/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I have had a great experience getting all of my old beta tapes of our family activities turned into DVDs. We have enjoyed watching things not seen in years.

- Carolyn Beardsley from Fishers

08/07/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you for the fine DVD and video tape, I watch them all the time. Thank you.

- Richard Grimes from

07/05/2012 Home Movie Transfer

For my husband's 40th Birthday I wanted to get his old 8mm films transferred. Robert with Home Video Studio was EXTREMELY helpful! As a mom of two who works full time, it was difficult for me to plan the logistics of getting this taken care of in time for the birthday, but Robert made it happen without a hitch. The pricing was also very reasonable, and he delivered a quality and priceless product. I will definitely be recommending Home Video Studio to friends and family, and I will use them again in the future without hesitation. Thank you!

- Angella Crane from Avon

05/22/2012 Video to DVD

We work in a very fast paced industry, and we always need our projects turned around ASAP! Home Video Solutions has never failed to deliver! They are extremely professional, and are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the client! Thank you so much!

- Shiel Sexton from Indianapolis

05/11/2012 Duplications

Hi again guys and girls.. I was concerned about the last job I sent in as the VHS tape was 17 years old. This was the only copy of our daughters wedding and quite important to us. Considering that the "videographer" did a poor job in shooting the wedding, I was surprised at how good a job you folks did again. I putting together another 600 feet of 16MM film for a copy to dvd. Thanks again and I'll speak with you soon. Larry Miller

- Lawrence Miller from Hammond, In

05/08/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I have had old movies from the late 30s and the 40s made into a DVD. It is great to have my parent's wedding and my childhood movies all together to watch on DVD. Also, I like that I can take movies each year on my little movie camera and have them makd into DVDs.

- Nancy Adams from Indianapolis

01/03/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Like most people with a new camera, I've eagerly taped many family events (much to their annoyance) only to never find the time to watch them more than once. After 15 20 yrs or more, the kids, parents, grandparents, so many memories... I had to do something about transferring those hard to show digital tapes to DVD's. I've attempted it myself, with no luck. I picked out 9 of the most 'valuable' tapes and took them Nate... I underestimated the enjoyment theyve brought. I guess the annoyance was well worth it after all. Thanks!

- Ernie K from Noblesville

12/27/2011 Duplications

My husband had some 45 year old audio tapes of his high school basketball games that his Dad had made. I surprised him and had them copied onto disks. They turned out awesome! Even put his high school graduation photo on the outside of the disk! The people at Home Videi Studio are very professional and friendly, and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them! Deb from Indianapolis

- Debbie Weigel from Indianapolis

12/27/2011 Duplications

We recently had some 60 year old albums transferred to CDs and found the quality to be excellent. Great work in a short amount of time too!!! Would definitely recommend Home Video to all my friends.

- Cheryl Rooke from Fishers, Indiana

12/20/2011 Home Movie Transfer

My sister and nieces were happy to watch movies taken almost 40 years ago. There are no still photos available of their Dad and the movies let them see him at his best. I had to prepare the films which were molding on their plastic reels and in cardboard boxes. I wasn't sure if the work I did helped to preserve the film but after seeing the work that HOME VIDEO STUDIOS did we were amazed. Some had tears of happiness. Thank you can't express enough.

- Larry Miller from Hammond

08/30/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I took in over 20 reels of film from the 50's and 60's not knowing whether they would be able to convert them to dvd. Home Video did a great job on them, I was leaving for San Diego from Indianapolis on Dec. 25, they turned them around in two days so I could show my family at Christmas time. My father is in a nursing home with Alzheimers, I was anxious to show them to him even though I never thought he would recognize anybody. A week before he just got out of the the hospital with internal bleeding, he wasn't expected to live very long. He didn't even know me when I saw him on Dec.26., two days later we showed him all the old film on DVD. His eyes lit up and smiled and I think he actually recognized his mom and dad on dvd. It didn't really matter because he started to get better, he started to walk everyday and was always smiling. Thank you Home Video for doing such a great job, people should never allow family history sit in a dusty old closet. al novotny

- Al Novotny from Greenfield

08/30/2011 Video Editing

Bob, Thank you so very much for doing such a great job for me and being so patient! The video is absolutely fabulous and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much and I look forward to our next project!

- Amy from Indianapolis

08/22/2011 Home Movie Transfer

The results were outstanding! I brought a pile of old film in canisters that dated back to the early 1940s. The film had turned and the small was awful with toxic fumes. Frankly, I was surprised that you accepted this assignment to transfer the contents to a DVD. We didn't even know what was on the film but thought we would roll the dice. What a treasure! I saw my parents bringing me home from the hospital when I was 3 days old! Every interaction I have had with your company has been wonderful. The people, the quality, the results...all top notch! Thank you!

- Sally Tassani from Carmel

12/30/2010 Home Movie Transfer

We loved this service! We took our life of home movies in a box and received back a llfetime of fun!!! We have gotten so much enjoyment being able to watch our children grow up on DVD again!! Thank you SO much!!! Home Video Studio is SO professional!

- Sherrell from Indianapolis

02/17/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I had looked for a long time for a company that was affordable and reliable in transfering my home movies over the a DVD. I am so thankful for having a friend recommend Home Video Studio to me! You did such a wonderful job. I will be recommending Home Video Studio to all my friends and family. Thanks again!

- Karen from Noblesville

01/17/2010 Home Movie Transfer

They did a great job. Very professional and courteous. I will be taking more movies to be transferred.

- Melissa from Indianapolis

12/16/2009 Home Movie Transfer

My item was not actually home pictures but actual NASA film from the Apollo-Soyuz mission from 1975. This was 70mm film that is very rare and the care and time that the staff at Home Video Studio took to transfer the images to viewable DVD was superb. The quality of the images and the very reasonable price has now given me a viewable treasure. Thanks Guys and hope you enjoyed seeing the rarely seen NASA pictures that I can view any time now.

- Patrick from Indianapolis

06/04/2009 Photo Videos

I sincerely thank you for the photo montage you did for my parents 50th. They loved it!

- Margo Shumaker from Zionsville

06/04/2009 Video Services

Thank your fot he extra effort and care in creating the DVD's for our family. It turned out beautifully!!

- Susan from Carmel

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